Buy And Sell With Spread Betting

In Sports Spread Betting you are simply asked if you think the end result will be Higher or Lower than the number given. Go High, known as ‘Buy’, if you think the result will end up higher than the number.

Go Low, known as a ‘Sell’, if you think the result will end up lower than the number. For example – if the number of the Goals in a football match is priced at 3 and you think there will be more than 3 Goals you would Buy at 3.

Sell Total Goals in a game at 3 if you think there will be 2 Goals or less in Total in the game

If you made a Buy of Total Goals at 3 for £10 per goal you would earn another £10 for every goal after 3 scored in total for the game.

Remember that the more wrong you are the more you lose. The more right you are the more you win. In this weekend’s game between Manchester United and Tottenham the Total Goals for the game are priced at 2.8-3. You Buy at the higher price and Sell at the lower price.

Another popular market is ‘Goal Supremacy’. This asks how much one team will beat the other by in terms of Goals. price Manchester United to beat Tottenham by 1-1.2 Goals. If you think Manchester United will win by 2 goals or more you want to Buy at 1.2.
So consider Spread Betting next time you want to bet on football or indeed any other sport. Make your opinion count.

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Spread betting can result in losses that exceed your initial stake. Please ensure you fully understand the risks  involved.